Xandele is one of the most promising talents of Brazilian samba-rock. As a musician and songwriter, Xandele represents an eclectic style that combines influences from funk, samba, swing, rock, reggae and jazz.



Already in 1998 Xandele won the first music festival of Porto Alegre (Brazil) with his composition “Cor do Som” (The Colour of Sound). Since then he has appeared as a solo artist with his own band and in numerous projects, together with well-known Brazilian artists and bands such as Bedeu, Banda Ultramen, Casa da Sogra, Hyldon, Luis Vagner, Tonho Crocco, Marku Ribas, Bebeto, Serjão Lorosa, Clube do Balanço, Limusine Negra, among others.

He has also participated in productions such as: Tonho Crocco, “O lado brilhante da lua” (2010), Marku Ribas, DVD (2006), Ultramen, “O Incrível Caso Da Música Que Encolheu E Outras Histórias” (2002), or Bedeu, “Swing Popular Brasileiro” (1998).

Xandele has been at home in Barcelona since 2012, but is often on the move for performances in various locations such as Vienna, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Copenhagen, London and New York.

Xandele recently produced his first solo album, “Deixa Solto”.